Fed Up with Information Overload? Greenlight Project Trump!

President Trump isn’t famed for his attention span, as world leaders found out during G7 and NATO talks at the end of last month.

In fact, US officials put an embargo on any conversations with the President lasting longer than just a few moments. Want face time with The Donald? You’ve got 4 minutes max… The absolute limit of his concentration. Comical. Or is it?

Are we really any different when we tackle complex concepts at work? Stick a product sheet, process document or compliance directive under our noses and we soon switch off.

So, how about we apply the same rule to internal comms and greenlight Project Trump?

Make Learning Great Again

Let Skill Pill transform the dull, technical and complicated with micro-videos that will bring concepts to life.

Product launches; sales campaigns; compliance drives; process changes – whatever it is, our award-winning animation team will create you something to make your employees stop and take notice.

Forget the email that no-one reads. The folder that gets stuffed in the drawer. Get your message across with a Trump-friendly video that only takes a few minutes to watch.

Why Skill Pill?

Well, we’ve been at this for a while now and our track record speaks for itself. Coca Cola, IBM, Dell and Pearson - just a few of our customers who can vouch for the work we do.

And with prices starting at just £2950 + VAT, it’s more affordable than you think.

Commission custom video content before 30th June 2017 and we’ll throw in an added incentive:

  • 1 video - save 10%
  • 2 videos - save 15%
  • 5 videos - save 20%

Hurry though. When the offer's gone, it’s gone! Got a project you’d like to discuss? Just call +44 (0)870 240 6656 or email info@skillpill.com to get the ball rolling. Look forward to hearing from you.



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