Training Secrets of a Fast Track Jedi

Motivate Your Learners with Progression Pathways

The first teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie ‘The Last Jedi’ has dropped and the geeksphere is going crazy. The storyline remains shrouded in secrecy, but expect plenty of fan theories based on plot clues hidden in the preview.

One thing's for sure, Luke Skywalker is back centre stage. The former apprentice is now a Jedi master training a pupil of his own, which got us thinking about his own accelerated learning journey in the original trilogy.

Glaring plot hole?
Or the result of effective instruction?

Considering that Luke is a late-starter to learning the ways of the Force and doesn't get much classroom time, his rapid mastery of these new powers seems like a flaw in the screenplay.

But he is:

  • Immersed in learning
  • Taught by a wise master
  • And follows a structured training pathway, progressing lesson by lesson towards a clearly defined end goal

A recipe for fast track success. Unlike learning piecemeal...

If you can level one major criticism against micro-learning, it’s fragmentation.

If individual modules aren’t connected, learning can feel disjointed. And without a sense of progression, there’s no compelling reason to return. Learners give up and move on.

So, to aid the Jedi mastery of essential soft skills, we've expertly mapped our content from the latest MBA syllabuses for you to follow.

Skill Pill’s MicroMBA offers your learners a choice of 10 different modules populated with over 750 micro-learning objects, including videos, quizzes, interactive exercises, audio casts and text nuggets (to name a few!).

Take your learners on an epic journey that will keep them coming back for more as their progress is tracked as they work their way towards their MicroMBA. Whether they’re a new employee or senior member of staff, a quick quiz will determine what level they should begin on.

Modules include:

  • Critical Self-Development
  • Problem & Decision Evaluation
  • Being Influential
  • Managing Organisational Behaviour
  • Developing Leadership Capability
  • Responsible Change Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Financial Analysis & Integrated Accounting
  • Implementing Strategy
  • The Innovative Mindset

Interested? Email to find out more!

May the Forth be with you. 



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