Restyle L&D like a Belgian Soccer Academy


Restyle L&D like a Belgian Soccer Academy


Update your wall chart.

Fill that sticker album.



Got, got, need, got…
The 2018 World Cup is hotting up.

And so is the office sweepstake.

C’mon England” reverberates around the pub.

And with a last 16 place secured, despite losing to Belgium, who knows how far they can go.

Reality check, before we get carried away though...

Since the national side hoisted the trophy for the first and only time in 1966, it’s been (mostly) downhill ever since.

And for their opponents yesterday, it’s been a similar story.

The odd bright spot, punctuated by lengthy spells in the doldrums.



But things are on the up.
Big time.
Ranked third in the world, how did a tiny nation like Belgium become genuine title contenders?
Well, what it comes down to is coordination, planning and a relentless focus on skills...
Back at Euro 2000 the co-hosts crashed out early.
Tired of also ran status, the powers that be acted decisively - establishing new academies working from the same coaching blueprint.
Where the emphasis is firmly on technique, awareness and positioning.
Watch the Belgians play and you’ll notice their great first touch and respect for possession - they rarely give the ball away.
Truly beautiful game.
And in Eden Hazard, they have one of the most diminutive players at the tournament.



Not at all.
Try kicking lumps out of him and you won’t get anywhere close...
A product of this new system - he run rings around bigger opponents.
And what’s true in football, is true in business too.
Agility lets you turn the tables on large but lumbering rivals.
Leaving them chasing shadows while you carve out new opportunities to hit the back of the net.
At work, more than ever, we need to be able to think and move quickly.
New systems, new tech, new process.
Rapid response that requires us rethink our learning culture.
Shrinking content, personalising the environment and offering learning on demand far beyond the classroom.


Less ponderous, more agile.
Like a tricky Belgian winger leaving defenders for dead.
Ready to mix up your game?
Maybe Skill Pill can help.
Our micro-learning content and tools can help you create your own skills academy.
Nurturing talent and keeping it on its toes, ready for the next challenge.
Just hit us up if you’d like to talk.
Until next time,
Gerry Griffin
Founder, Skill Pill




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