Why Good Micro-learning is like a Super Bowl Ad

Blue 42..hut..hut..hike!
Why good microlearning is like a Super Bowl Ad.

So that was Super Bowl 52!

In an upset for the ages, the Eagles deposed the Patriots and grabbed that elusive ring.
From humble beginnings, the Super Bowl has become one of the biggest sports events in the world.

And a huge commercial bonanza.
Check out the numbers:
More than 160 million viewers tuned in.
Around $4 billion was bet on the outcome.
A belt loosening 28,000,000 pounds of chips, 1.25 billion chicken wings, and 8,000,000 pounds of guacamole got guzzled during the game.

And those ads you watched as you filled up your plate...
$5 millon a pop.
Remarkably, back in the day, they were all repeats.
Until Apple broke the mold in ‘84 with a big brother themed spot introducing the Macintosh.

Directed by Ridley Scott, it started the trend of shooting commercials specifically for the occasion.
Apple’s machine bombed, but that didn’t stop everyone else.
The Budweiser frogs.


Snickers - you’re not you when you’re hungry.

Volkswagen - the force.


30 second narratives seared into our consciousness long after they debuted on game day.
So, how do marketers do it?
And can we repurpose their techniques for our own altruistic ends?
Less sell more stuff, and more make learning stick. 
With a short window and a bunch of competing distractions, ad guys know how to keep it pithy.
Take Wendy’s “where’s the beef” commercial. An oldie, but a goodie.
The gist is this: Wendy’s burgers are bigger than the competition. So big, they stick out beyond the bun.
So, rather than explain to the consumer at great length at how big the burger is.
And if you go to Maccy Ds you’ll have to lift up the bun to find their patty yadda yadda yadda.
It’s said in three words.
And now you want a burger right?
But, smart marketers also know the importance of being entertaining.
And unconventional.
If it looks and sounds like everything else, it’s boring. No consumer engagement.
Making it short is only half the battle.
Just like microlearning.
Like any hot learning trend, there’s a lot of it about.
Got any microlearning? Of course. Can I see? Go right ahead.
Except just chopping content into little pieces and giving it a fancy label won’t cut it.
Call up a talking head video on your phone, plonk a learner in front of it, and time them until they yawn.
I promise it won’t take long.
Skill Pill’s learning videos are short. But a whole lot more besides.
Because we borrow these techniques that advertisers use to get our message across - quickly AND effectively.
Animation and NLP hooks wring every last drop of attention from learners.  We analyze learner traffic through the content  - looking for trends such as drop-out rates - and factor the data into the editorial process.
Turning content from this:


To this:

Independent research shows that this approach doubles content engagement and retention
Food for thought.
Until next time,
The Skill Pill Team



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